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Local Maps marketing 1st even if the budget is tight, start here. 8 yrs of local maps marketing experience has showed local maps marketing and advertising reaches over 85% of the surfers look here 1st! Local maps marketing companies charge $99 to $1,599. Our truckers local maps marketing is $199 a month. Our local maps marketing services leads the industry with deep Google foundation building, Identity and reputation protection, citation and index control, seo hosting, website design and website bot automation services.

Organic / Optimized SEO Service

Standard Marketing Logistics Services

Initial Website Analysis
SEO Plan and Strategy
Keyword Research & Analysis
Targeted Web Pages
Targeted Keywords
Competitive Analysis
Site Authentication and Verification
Continuity / Branding Optimization
Daily Citation Services
Niche/Industry Research
Google Maps Embeds
Local Directory Listings
Niche/Industry Directory Listings
Maps Stacking

Standard On Site SEO Services

We Cover All That Matters To Google

Website Content Clean Up
Free SSL Setup
URL Topical Research Analysis
URL Backlink Research Analysis
Anchor Text Research Analysis
Meta Tag Optimization
Title Optimization
Header Optimization
Image Optimization
Internal Linking
Traffic and Rank Research Analysis
URL Optimization
RSS Feed
Robots.txt Creation
Sitemap Creation and Submission
Meta Tag Optimization

Local Maps Marketing Services Best Standards Others Do Not Offer!


On-Site Marketing Logistics Services

Quality Article Creation & Submission
URL Topical Research Analysis
URL Backlink Research Analysis
Social Signals*
Social Bookmarks*
Map Embedding*
Google Maps Reviews*
Press Release Creation & Submission*
Classified Ads Submission*
Traffic and Rank Research Analysis
Targeted Trust Flow Backlinks*
Targeted Topical Backlinks*
Creation Article/Blog Commenting*
Google Analytics Website Stats Setup*
Activity / Traffic / Ranking Reports*
IFTT Setup*
Targeted Media Advertising*
Custom Network Builds*

Whole Sale SEO Pricing

Pre-Paid Month to Month Services

TIER 1 Low Competition | 0 TO 200K | Small City / County
Starting Point $500.00 Stack-able @ $900.00 to $1,300.00
TIER 2 Medium Competition | 0 TO 3 Million | Medium City / County / State
Starting Point $750.00 Stack-able @ $1,200.00 and $1,750.00
TIER 3 High Competition | 0 TO 10 Million | Large City / County / State
Starting Point $1,500.00 Stack-able @ $2,600.00 and $4,000.00
TIER 4 High Competition | High Volume | Local | National | Global
Organic SEO +Advertising
Starting Point $5,000.00 Stack-able @ $12,000.00 and $20,000.00 Tier 4 = (4 times more in services)

* Extra Costs @ Tier 2, 3 & 4 Or Upgrade In Service Needed

Local Google Maps Marketing

One Time Setup Fee $100


Website Clean Up
Free SSL Setup
Topical Research
Backlink Research
Anchor Research
Header Optimization
Maps Optimization
Title Optimization
Meta Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Robots.txt Setup
Sitemap Setup
Daily Citations
Maps Signals
Map Embedding
Manual Directory Submission
Google Analytics Setup
Webmaster Tools Setup
Local Maps and GPS Setup
Deep Google Foundation Building
Identity Protection
Reputation Protection
Citation index control
SEO Hosting
Website Design
Bot / Automation Help
Category Keyword Marketing
Baseline Report
Activity / Ranking Reports

Local Maps Marketing At It’s Best!
No Contract
Month to Month
Results Driven

Power Maps Plus Local Marketing

Unbeatable Local Marketing Service


You get all the Local Google Maps Marketing Services Plus

Topical Links
High End TF links
Anchor Text Control
Complete On-Site SEO Optimization
Map and Link Index control
Quality Article Creation & Submission
URL Topical Research Analysis
URL Backlink Research Analysis
Traffic and Rank Research Analysis
Site Plus 2 IFTT Account Setups

Local Business Marketing At It’s Best!
No Contract
Month to Month
Results Driven

Organic Marketing Logistics Plus

Any level of Organic SEO Marketing Comes With Local Google Maps Marketing Standard!

Tier 1-4

Reputation Management
Content Management
Press Release Creation & Submission
Classified / APP Ads Submission
Targeted Trust Flow Backlinks
Targeted Topical Backlinks
Creation Article/Blog Commenting
Google Analytics Website Stats Setup
IFTT Setup
Targeted Media Advertising
Social Signals
Social Bookmarks
Map Embedding
Google Maps Reviews
Custom Network Builds
PPC Services
SMS Marketing
Email Marketing
Submit Form Advertising
Data Work & Research
Custom Program Design / Setup
Ecommerce Blockchain Builds
App Build
Data Mining
Ecommerce Product Website Builds
Online A.I. / Bot Installs
HTML and WP Funnel Setups
Free Website Design or Redesign
Activity / Traffic / Ranking Reports

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