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Trucking Company Marketing Plan

Protecting your trucking business online brand, identity and reputation as we build up your internet profiles to grow your online success! We specialize in dominating city areas and out producing all other transportation and logistics companies near by using smarter designs and superior marketing campaigns.

We offer professional and comprehensive online business exposure for any new and fast-growing company! From the essential to innovative website designs, A.I. and lead generation services.

Target Market For Trucking Companies

We provide knowledge that enables your company to build and grow using several targeted logistics activity marketing programs and custom marketing management tools to help with logistics management.  26 years ago I started using the internet to generate leads to assist businesses of all sizes attract additional customers. This was before the Search Engine even existed. I have continuously been expanding my marketing programs to make sure my clients draw strong leads and can be found on the top of any keyword search, social media platform and many other websites and market places to bring in new business! We offer the best solutions that fit your needs! I do not offer any logistics provider services, Really what I do on your behalf is marketing research, lead building and online logistics business exposure services. My marketing services show you new trendy inventory management systems in the logistics industry. Get help if needed with warehouse management software ideas or how to move more finished goods, help streamline the logistics process, inventory control and distribution channel out reach. Let’s get product physical distribution rolling strong!

Dean Schlenker, CEO

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When you want to lead and not fall behind you need a transportation marketing guru to help you navigate digitally! 

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We provide 2022 A.I. Website Designs and Upgrades Plus Affordable Internet Marketing Services.
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Social Media Marketing For Trucking Companies

Like it or not, times have changed and your trucking business has to adapt to the changes of the digital world. That is where we come in. With 26 years of creating successful marketing platforms, you cannot be in better hands. Continue holding your in-person meetings and networking however; don’t you agree that it is time to figure in some straightforward ways of reaching out and attracting more new business?

 Taking your company online and doing it the correct way is going to reach the thousands of individuals that each day are actively searching for the services that your business may offer.

Research shows that 97 percent of your potential customers use the internet to research your business. Not only do we get your business found online we also make sure your brand and reputation is super clean so, when anyone is looking online to learn more about your services / business they only see what you want them to see and that is all positive information.

Trucking Company Marketing Ideas

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Local optimization has a different approach compared to any organic traffic strategy. The Google Maps algorithm looks at certain places on the internet to regulate how your map listing is going to be displayed. The local maps marketing service we provide comes standard with business and brand identity and protection. Our local Google Maps marketing campaign is worked on by humans, not an automated system. Google gives value to what it finds online and the way we do it works 100% every time! When it comes to the local maps algorithm you have to understand what Google is looking for to succeed. Over the last 8 years the places Google wants your business listed in has grown significantly. If your business is not listed in all these places it is difficult to reach the top 3 and enjoy all the free traffic. This list is how you can achieve great results with Google!

Why Local Marketing is Important?

Google Maps reports show that the maps are used over 70% of the time on Google and 300% more likely than any other website. Google Maps searches are crucial to your trucking business success. Big Rig can take your business to new heights and start taking the free leads away from the bigger local companies.

Business Logistics Marketing Strategies

Top Websites For Truckers

Our expert marketing designers and coders build websites your customers are going to love and trust! Ask us how your website can save you time and make your life easier.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your web site is a must to grab all the free search engine traffic. Organic ranking is hands down worth every penny invested.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

You want leads now, let us the experts turn that stream of paid traffic on for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media websites can prove to be very beneficial to your trucking businesses. We can reach many potential customers using social media marketing tools.

Email and SMS Marketing

Direct SMS and email advertising generates leads fast. This type of marketing requires expert help to insure success!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is powerful when advanced techniques are employed correctly! Writing the story is just one of 3 steps, hire us for best results!

How To Market A Trucking Company

Business Internet Necessities


You get the best well-rounded approach toward solving any online challenges as we grow your local business online profiles. You just spend your time on your supply chain management inventory fulfillment needs! Besides SEO and local maps marketing, we extend our services to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, designing, ad placement and social media advertising to name a few.  Our trucking SEO marketing brings all the marketing solutions under a single umbrella to reap the best results and savings.

Trucking Company Leads

The trucking industry is without a doubt an essential part of the retail and transportation that the economy depends on. Simply one of the most widely used and trusted methods of conveyance, it forms the mainstay of transportation of goods in the country.

Nowadays, many retail and online stores depend on delivery services for their day-to-day business. Despite their obvious importance and high demand, the trucking industry faces unprecedented challenges, slowing down growth and leading to several firms shutting down. 

The reasoning behind this is simple — most companies still rely on outdated methods of service. Marketing is an important tool in the hands of any business, and it seems like trucking companies haven’t moved beyond cold calls, networking, and personal meetings. There’s an immediate solution to these issues — online marketing. 

Online marketing is an easy way to reach thousands of people at one go — people who are actively looking and searching for a service like yours for their needs. Not having an online presence hinders your reach and minimizes growth. You’re left behind in the race for more customers and defeated by other companies who invested in having an online presence. You’re not just missing out on leads but important revenue.

The triggering point is to set up a website. This doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate. Just having a website goes a long way. But this is the minimum requirement. To get people to visit your website, you need to practice the current best SEO standards. Understanding the value of SEO is easy, but implementing it effectively is a herculean task. 

Our marketing logistics and clever strategies put you at the top of Google search result pages. We grow brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, and generate leads. You can get back to perfecting your logistics service!

Trucking SEO Services

Our team at Big Rig Webmaster collaborates with you to improve the overall standards of your business. We quickly recognize your strengths and weaknesses and then we create an unique aggressive seo web logistics marketing plan that boosts your websites traffic!  Our digital marketing services provide you a competitive advantage with amazing results you can see.

Our Clients Matter

We value our clients inputs and ideas. You make the real decisions; we are just your support along the way. Effective collaboration with clients leads to strategic planning with results for all public transportation marketing campaigns. 

Delivering Optimum Results

With years of experience, a well-trained team of highly qualified experts, we’ve managed to get several accolades under our belt. With ABC, you can rest assured your business is in good hands. We do our best to deliver the best service that brings you phenomenal success. 

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Our team will be completely transparent in its work. We work for you and all files and accounts are built for your company.

Thorough Data Research

Our approach is decidedly data-driven and meticulous. We take all raw materials from our research and come up with accurate facts and figures in record time. Assumptions and hunches have no place here. Our thorough research and planning help us envision precise plans for your business. 

Transportation in Marketing

Big Rig Webmaster gives utmost importance to your time and money. All tasks are done within deadlines. We use effective project management systems to oversee all functioning. You can always count on the work being done.

With 26 years of target traffic results, you are in great hands because we fought hard back in 2000 to win on Google and a few of the things you had to do then still apply today and most logistics seo agency company’s have no knowledge as to what had to be done 20 years ago…

All service provided look at and work on proper Online Foundation Building marketing materials! Let’s build your business from the ground up so dominating the search can be accomplished with ALL modes of transportation marketing!

Each logistics manager has it’s own specific needs and we help with all your aspirations from website design to attracting consumer leads.

Keyword Research 

A critical component of effective marketing logistics is keyword research and knowing the consumer behavior. I am an expert in identifying the right targeted keywords for your company through thorough research. I use this critical information to build up your website traffic. This data also is used to beat out your competition on all web searches. Accurate and targeted keywords is how you take advantage of all the free traffic. 

Link Building

Quality Google trusted backlinks will bring an increasingly amount of free traffic to your website. Google recognizes sites with high trust flow, great citation flow and that are topical. When given the appropriate amount of time and a strong budget your website will rank more advanced in the search and on local maps in a pretty fast time frame! Building an unique backlink strategy takes a few minutes to design once you have all the data to review and compare. 70% of the time is spent mining for the right Google backlinks. Backlink building is not like it was just 5 years ago.

Logistic Content Writing 

Truckers over look the need to write quality content to post on all the right websites. To get the best free traffic you need to find the right marketing channel for your new content! Write to provide solid help, address questions and give great answers or just provide informational write ups! Then find high value websites to get your content on. The supply chain of great high value sites is limited and those are the sites we work with.

On-Page SEO

You can grow site visits and turn them into leads and prospective sales by using effective on-page marketing logistics. I can do the on-site optimize for you and even can help your website designer fix up the sites lay out so we can rank high on search! I also like to help you to get your website producing conversion and show you how I or one of your team members can help your website close deals faster!

eCommerce SEO

Our SEO service will bring in more leads and generate more sales through the strategic development of your eCommerce store. We are skilled and have tons of experience in incorporating SEO at all layers of a website, making it super easy for visitors to make purchases. 

Local Marketing Logistics

Google’s Local Pack is an effective way of reaching people near you. It lists businesses with their hours, ratings, and addresses on local Google map searches. We will help your business show up in the top 3 of the Local Pack. This will increase the traffic to your local Google My Business.

Technical SEO

User experience will regulate whether visitors stay on your site and give it some time, or choose to move away. My trucking SEO expertise will make sure that all the elements of your site are completely optimized to increase traffic and conversions, along with ensuring optimum site speed.

Franchise SEO

Unified branding for all the branches of your business brings holistic growth and establishes brand value. I will make sure all your branches get the same marketing plans, SEO content campaigns, backlink campaigns and I will optimize and produce a successful franchise business. 

Online Reputation Management 

Customers tend to check reviews before relying on a business. I have a team of online reputation managers dedicated to help control your online reputation / brand. I also can show you how to make sure customers leave reviews and a ratings. A good online presence will win more clients and generate more sales.

Partner with us to reach unparalleled growth and tap into profitable markets with our specialized trucking SEO / marketing services.

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